Privacy Policy


Nekko Corporation(“ the Company”) recognizes the importance of personal information and protects it by making these efforts provided below. 

The Company sets the regulation for handling of Personal Data( the data identifying an individual) and  also develops a system of our organization to protect Personal Data properly. In the case the Company needs Personal Data, the Company will inform the individual of the purpose of collecting Personal Data and the Company’s  counter to the individual before collecting the data to extent necessary. 

We will never use Personal Data except the purpose of collecting it. Also the Company will manage Personal Data properly and never provide it to any third party without obtaining the prior permission of the customers involved.

The Company will keep Personal Data accurate and up-to-date.

The Company will also respond quickly and in good faith to prevent Personal Data from being disclosed, revised, deleted, or accessed illegally. 

In the case the Company outsources the handling of Personal data, the Company will requires the outside not to leak or re-provide Personal Data by the contract and make sure to manage Personal Data properly.

The Company will seriously manage Personal Data received from entruster and use it within the extent of the contract.

When you want to check or revise Personal Data, please contact to each the company’s counter. Then the Company will deal with it quickly as long as it is rational.

The Company will observe laws, regulations and standards related to the protection of Personal Data.

The Company will continue to review and improve this privacy policy the above.


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